MAU Is a piece of my heart for your joy and comfort.

MAU was founded in 2013 by Lena Taricina  young mother with an active lifestyle . Lena came up with the idea for the brand in St. Petersburg, where she studied costume design at the Stieglitz Art and Industry Academy. But the brand’s main development has started in Vilnius (Lithuania), after Lena graduated and has given birth to her daughter, Mira. She realized that there is a big need for comfortable yet stylish clothes. That was when Lena decided on the direction of her brand  knitted street fashion. MAU efficiently stands out from the variety of similar brands due to its unique cut and interesting soft shapes. MAU clothes bring ultimate comfort to both children and their mothers: only natural fabrics, only authentic colors, only quality threads, only creative ideas  all of these make MAU recognizable and popular brand.

MAU secret is very simple: we truly think about people wearing our clothes. We want to go beyond simple comfort: our clothes are as cozy as a chili evening in front of the fireplace. We want our clothes to be safe for sensitive child skin: we choose best fabrics and make our threads soft. We definitely do not want our clothes to be boring, so we make playful designs that bring joy and happiness to our customers!

Today MAU consists not only of Lena Taricina, her daughter, her talent and her love for work. Today MAU brings together young creative people from different countries and different fields: photographers, writers, artists, bloggers all these people are happy to help Lena making her dream come true. MAU is not just a brand for young girls, children and their mothers: MAU has become alive with its heart beating with love for all of you!


We are a small team based in Vilnius, Lithuania, and we create clothes for both adult and children in a small home studio with love and joy!

Our mission is to create not just clothes, but to make them stylish and comfortable, so everyone would be happy to wear them and feel and look good.

We make our clothes with environmentally friendly fabrics, and all of the fabrics are sertified with Oeko-Tex100 standart. We do our best in maintaining balance between comfort and fashion trends.

Our customers are people who choose minimalism and monochrome colors in clothing, and those who choose comfort but want to look stylish and trendy at the same time, as well as those who choose organic and honest products.